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How to choose the right Leadership Training partner?

Just swipe right. (We’re kidding…but only just a bit).

Like every relationship in your life worth having, trust is the most essential quality that defines a successful coaching relationship. And trust takes time. Make sure you interview a prospective coach or advisor as carefully as you would any important individual in your life. Find out about their qualifications, experience, their belief system, their management philosophies. What does your gut tell you? How well does a potential partner listen to you and demonstrate a real sense of understanding?

Ascend Coaching and Training has built our entire reputation on building skills, trust, and exceeding value expectations for you and your team. We understand that this is an investment in every way that word is defined. Let’s start a conversation If we determine that we can help you along your own professional path we will make that commitment to you. If we are not the right fit we are equally committed to finding the individual or organization that is right for you., or call 650-245-1562

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