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executive coaching

Executive Coaching Services for CEOs

The person who cares most about your career or your company is you. 

About Executive Coaching 

Coaching and mentoring can take many forms but in the final analysis it boils down to one key value proposition; does working with a coach make you better?


At Ascend Coaching & Training we believe we can make you better; as a leader, as an emerging manager and as an individual contributor.


Our approach to executive coaching services is based on one simple premise. You can’t teach skills you haven’t worked hard to master yourself.

Our Process


Mutual Understanding: We start by discussing executive coaching in its' many forms and explore client expectations around the coaching methodology, investment, and outcomes.


We do coach "matching" and allow the client to interview multiple individuals to determine which coach or trainer they are most comfortable with and excited to work with.


We design an accountability plan focused on the areas the client wants to improve. This can range from basic communication skills, to executive presence, to making themselves promotion ready, designing and delivering funding pitches, to performance issues associated with a challenging manager as examples.


Initial Assessment: we utilize multiple tools from stakeholder/360 interviews to Insights analysis to get a baseline on where the client is starting.


We do the work. Both Coach and client are expected to come to their sessions prepared and ready to discuss specific examples of skill implementation, feedback from peers or managers, and overall progress. 


Reassess: at regular intervals we do a deep dive on what is working and what isn't for the client.

Variations of this process can be effective for CEO’s, Leadership Teams, First Time Managers, and individuals at a career cross-roads.

Our approach to executive coaching is based on one simple premise. You can’t teach skills you haven’t worked hard to master yourself.

Our executive coaches are all high performers who have lived through virtually every stage of company growth from early-stage start-up to billion-dollar public enterprise.

We understand up and down, and that matters because experience matters when you are trusting someone else to support you through all of the variables that can impact your success.


  • We’ve created and delivered pitch decks ...and rewritten them dozens of times.

  • We’ve raised capital... and we’ve failed to raise capital.

  • We’ve recruited great hires... and made some memorable hiring mistakes.

  • We’ve learned to adapt our management and communication styles to different audiences from interns to Board members.

  • We’ve experienced rapid scaling... and unplanned lay-offs.

  • We’ve spent more hours drafting mission statements, and strategic plans, and SWOT analyses than we ever care to admit.

  • We’ve survived Total Quality, Six Sigma, Lean Launch and every fashionable business management trend in between.

About Us

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